Community Driven


We feel fortunate to be apart of a wonderful community.  As such, everyone here at PetersonAnthony wanted to build a webpage exclusively dedicated to the local organizations and events that mean so much to us.  The Community Page is where we tip our cap to the groups and gatherings that make Trimont, Fairmont, and Southern Minnesota such a wonderful place to live.

What we are involved In:

Being involved in our community is something we truly enjoy and love to be able to do. 

As an agency we like to do sponsorships with other community businesses, such as being season ticket holders at the Fairmont Opera House. We also enjoy sponsoring a team for Kids Against Hunger each year. 

We are involved in the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce as well as the Trimont Chamber of Commerce.

It brings us joy to take part and give back to the many opportunities our community and other businesses provide. We believe in supporting one another!

Volunteer work in the community.