What our customers have to say

Dealing with Kristin, she was extremely responsive and quick. My quote was to me within a few days and all my questions were answered. She truly cared and worked with my every request. Definitely would recommend this quality of service to anyone!


I can’t say enough good about PetersonAnthony, we have used them for about 15 years and had only positive interactions. They have been the best resource in finding provisions and policies that are appropriate and beneficial to our current needs and working with us as our business and personal situations have grown and changed. I would definitely recommend them for any insurance needs.


Kristin walks the talk to completion. She delivers what she promised. Honesty,integrity and accountability. Old School of good service. A great find in the field of Insurance services. Way to go girls you got this old boy satisfied


John and Connie at Peterson Anthony were extremely helpful when I purchased my first home. Always quick to respond to my many questions and helping me find the rates I can afford while still guaranteeing great coverage. It’s nice to work with an agency that you can trust! We’ve used P.A for both our homeowners and auto insurance and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else! Thank you!


Thank you for being great to work with. They show interest and great care towards their customers/friends and those are rare and greatly appreciated qualities.


I love Peterson Anthony Insurance! I have been with them for over 10 years now and have had nothing but positive experiences with both John and Connie and their helpful staff. They treat their customers with so much personal care and respect. If you have any questions or you’ve got a claim, they are on top of it immediately. They have gone out of their way on several occasions for us, and for that I am deeply appreciative. I highly recommend Peterson Anthony Insurance for all of your insurance needs


I have always been extremely proud of the work that my family has done providing insurance for so many hard-working families and farmers. Not until the last couple of years, holding my own insurance, have I realized how incredible this business is. After I was hit by a deer this spring, my car was taken care of in a week. The work that Peterson-Anthony does with other insurers proves that they are effective communicators and truly want what is best for the insured – not something many other agencies can say. The effectiveness and efficiency of this agency has proven that there are insurance agents that care about their customers over anything else. Thank you Peterson-Anthony Insurance for always having my back!.


I’ve been a Peterson Anthony customer for over 15 years. Every single experience I have had with them has been positive. Their customer service is excellent–when I talk to anyone in the office, I know I matter to them. I would recommend Peterson Anthony insurance to anyone!


If you are looking for an insurance agency staffed with, and owned by, people with whom you can build a professional, trusting and lifetime relationship with – you have found them. As a second-generation client, it’s reassuring to have agents who know me and take an interest in safeguarding myself and family’s future..


I’m not sure if words can even express how amazing Peterson-Anthony has been to work with. To start off, they seem to blow all of their competitors out of the water in regards to the amount of savings they offer. To put things into perspective, my dad had been using Farmers for all of his insurance needs for about the past 20 years. Shortly after I bought my last vehicle I was describing to him how much my coverage cost with Peterson-Anthony (PA) and what my benefits/deductibles were and I suggested that he at least look into switching to PA. Sure enough, a few weeks later my dad had switched all of their coverage over to PA. My dad is a pretty conservative guy and is therefore not a huge fan of change, so the fact that he switched over so quickly really says a lot about how well PA works for him.
Obviously, you are going to be able to find offers of huge savings just about everywhere you turn so if for some reason that’s not enough, you need to understand just how incredible their customer service is. There has LITERALLY NEVER been a time when I have not been able to get ahold of John if I had any sort of question for him. For example, my wife and I were once getting ready to head back home for Christmas and we were going to be gone for an extended period of time. It was christmas eve and we were getting ready to leave and I realized that I had no idea if we were covered for any sort of theft, just in case someone decided to pillage our house while we were gone. I texted John and within about 30 minutes he had responded and verified that we were indeed covered for theft. Now, I’m not saying that you should always text him on a holiday while he’s trying to relax and enjoy time with his family, but if you do happen to find yourself in such a predicament, John and the rest of PA is going to be there for you where all other insurance companies would have you ” please leave a message and we’ll get back to you by the next business day”. More than any other insurance company I’ve ever seen, Peterson-Anthony genuinely takes the time to get to know you. I’ve received messages from them wishing my wife and I happy anniversary or congratulating us on the news of expecting our first child! It is so obvious that, to them, we are much more than just another client.
In summation, if you want to save money, have incredible coverage, and experience customer service that will continually blow you away, you need to be with Peterson-Anthony.

Jake & Alaina