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Hello! My name is Ryan Since and I’ve been with PetersonAnthony since 2008. I enjoy working closely with our farmers as the dedicated crop insurance agent. I understand that no two farms are exactly the same. So being able to sit down with each customer is important for me to help them find what insurance is most valuable to their farming operation.

My background involves many years’ experience working in agriculture, farming and as an agronomist. If you have questions about your crops, I’ll always do my best to help answer! Outside of PetersonAnthony I am also very involved in farming with some of my family. If someone were to describe me, I feel they would see that I’m easy going and have a good sense of humor.

When I’m not in the tractor I enjoy spending time outdoors, whether its hunting, snowmobiling or playing around with my black lab Weazy! My girlfriend Maggie and I indulge in new adventures or traveling together as much as we can.

 I am PetersonAnthony.

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February 2008

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