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Director of Staff and Development


My name is Jill Pankratz and I have been working with the PetersonAnthony team since 2009. I love working with our farmers since I grew up on a farm and we did custom harvesting. I did learn to drive tractors and “specialize” in running grain cart. Each farm presents a unique set of challenges, which keeps me on my toes.

I am passionate about being accurate and have great attention to detail. I am very helpful and willing work hard to take care of any issues that arise. I consistently help clients find the right coverages that they need at the right time and that are accurate for their needs and fill any gaps they may be missing.

Outside of the office, I focus my time and energy on my family and raising our 2 boys. We enjoy being outdoors and exploring new activities for the boys. My husband, Mark, is the Director of Maintenance at Good Samaritan Society in Mountain Lake and is a avid vinyl record collector and Beatles fan. He is also on the local volunteer fire department. I strive to live a healthy and active lifestyle and enjoy working with those who have similar lifestyle goals. We are active in our local church where I play piano on occasion. We enjoy going to live music events and spending time with our families.

I am PetersonAnthony.

Joined PetersonAnthony
December 2009

PetersonAnthony is

Favorite Hobby
Playing Piano

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