Who is PetersonAnthony?

We are an independent insurance agency that serves high-quality, competitively priced insurance policies with a side of impeccable customer service.

Our business chooses to build meaningful relationships with every customer.

A family that believes in loyalty, respect, and doing what’s right for the community.

For instance, we’re regular people just like you. Regular people doing your every day tasks.

Such as, picking up our kids up from school, watching little league games, and mowing the lawn.  We also, dig out the driveway after a snowstorm, and take out the garbage.

We do our work diligently and faithfully.

Above all, we run our business, not to become millionaires, but to earn an honest living by providing great products and services that are needed by great people in our community and in the Midwest.

While insurance is what we do, proactively supporting our customers and what’s valuable to them is who we are!

We are PetersonAnthony Insurance and we are here to serve you.


We are a Trusted Choice Agency

As an independent insurance agency we work for you to help find the best coverage from a variety of companies. That way you receive the best protection to fit your needs.

John and Connie Anthony

Thank you for visiting.

-Ryan and Kristin Schmidtke

Our customers mean the world to us!

We appreciate each one of our customers and work diligently to ensure their insurance is where it should be, to the best of our ability. Insurance is constantly changing and so are our customers wants and needs. We take the time to learn more about who you are, so we can properly tailor what insurance coverage is best for each individual.

We think our customers value us just as much as we value them. Take a look at what our customers have to say about us!