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John Anthony



My name is John Anthony and I started with Peterson-Anthony in 1992. My grandfather Alfred Peterson founded our agency in 1916, and I am proud to continue his legacy with my dad Darwin and my wife Connie. I love working with personal lines. I most enjoy helping young families, retired individuals, and young adults going off on their own insurance. Many people may not know that I was a biology major in college. I think the analytical way that I had to look at a biology experiment in the lab was good practice for the way I look at insurance policies and customers’ coverage questions. I am a thorough problem solver and a great listener. Outside the office, I love to travel the world and eat great food. I am PetersonAnthony.

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Connie Anthony



My name is Connie Anthony and I have been part of the PetersonAnthony team since August 9, 1994. I love to help people understand health insurance and help give them peace of mind in an uncertain marketplace. I also like to partner with my husband and business partner John to work with small commercial businesses. We are 3rd generation business owners, and I take pride in managing the agency. Our passion for building long-term relationships with our customers is what has allowed the agency to grow! My talent is organizing and simplifying complex subjects (such as the health insurance market) for our customers in a language that they understand. In this way, we can protect the things that they have worked hard for. Outside of the office, I love traveling to experience new places, people, and great food. I am PetersonAnthony.

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Jill Pankratz

Director of Staff Development


 My name is Jill Pankratz and I have been working with the Peterson-Anthony team since 2009. I love working with our farmers since I grew up on a farm. Each farm presents a unique set of challenges, which keeps me on my toes. I am passionate about being accurate and have great attention to detail. I am very helpful and will work hard to take care of any issues that arise. I consistently help clients find the right coverages that they need at the right time and that are accurate for their needs and fill any gaps they may be missing. Outside of the office, I am passionate about health and fitness, and how the human body works. I want to help people with their health and wellness goals. I am PetersonAnthony.

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Carrie Westcott



My name is Carrie Westcott and I started at PetersonAnthony in June of 2015. I like working with personal lines of insurance including auto, home, umbrella, recreational vehicles, and boats. At PetersonAnthony, we go above and beyond for our customers. For example, I try to stay ahead of premium increases before our customers are even aware of the increase. I really enjoy helping people and want to get to know them on a personal level. I like to hear about their families and what is important to them. I feel that it shows that I truly do care about our customers, and it is not just about a sale. As a result, my customers are very loyal me. I originally worked at another insurance agency, and many of my customers followed me to PetersonAnthony. Outside of the office, I am passionate about spending time with my family. It is important to support my daughters in whatever they do! I am PetersonAnthony.

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Kristin Schmidtke

Director of First Impressions


My name is Kristin Schmidtke and I’ve been with the PetersonAnthony team since November of 2018. I enjoy writing home and auto policies. I am passionate about helping our customers and meeting their every need, whether that be getting them a quote, setting up a meeting with another agent, talking them through their questions, or getting them to the right person that will get them the answers. I love that when a customer walks through our door, calls us on the phone or whatever way they contact us, that customer has our 100% attention which will make them feel good about being insured with PetersonAnthony. I feel that at PetersonAnthony, we care about every customer and we will go above and beyond to help them. I am PetersonAnthony.

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Ryan Sinn

Crop Insurance


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Darwin Anthony