Spring means that we can go outside and feel comfortable in shorts and a tee. We aren’t too hot, nor too cold, the weather seems to be just right. There is nothing like warm sun shining on your face and being able to enjoy sitting on the porch or patio with no bugs swarming around you. Spring also means, that our flowers are blooming, trees are beginning to sprout new leaves, rainbows from rain glow in the sky and our grass starts to grow nice and vibrant green.

When our grass grows, we want to maintain it as best as we can with fertilizer, water and a little sunshine. We also hope that as spring runs into summer, that we can avoid as many weeds as possible (those darn dandelions seem to pop up like crazy once they start!). With our friends at West Bend, they provided a nice short list of chemicals to avoid during our lawn care routine. To learn more about how to manage your lawn with proper fertilizers, take a look at West Bend’s blog to see what these chemicals are.